Manage Performance and Motivate Your Team

Performance Management

It is important for organizations to manage their employees’ performance to drive ongoing success. Performance Management is more than an annual conversation – it is an ongoing process of setting objectives, assessing progress, and providing feedback to employees to help them meet performance goals. Contact us today.

Effective Performance Management

  • Helps your company attain its strategic goals by aligning your employees’ work plans with the company’s strategic direction.
  • Is tailored to your company’s specific needs.
  • Helps to clarify the competencies that are required for success in each job.
  • Provides an accurate picture of each employee’s performance.
  • Measures results (‘the what’) and behaviours (‘the how’).
  • Provides training and development opportunities for improving poor performance and also for sustaining good performance.
  • Provides documentation to demonstrate your Due Diligence in the event of employment-related litigation.


Ensuring that your company has an effective Compensation program is critical. Compensation is a total of the rewards earned by employees in return for their work in your organization. Implementing a Compensation program helps to create and sustain equity in pay amongst your employees. This is motivating and drives productivity. Upwards and onward towards meeting your strategic goals!

Effective Compensation

  • Helps you to attract, motivate, and retain employees with the right skill-sets.
  • Positions your pay practices for internal and external equity.
  • Links employee pay to performance.
  • Prevents you from overpaying or underpaying for particular skill-sets, relative to market.
  • Keeps your employee cost-base at the optimal level which increases company profitability.
Engaged Team

Whether there’s a new executive joining your senior team from inside or outside the company, a junior manager who needs to develop leadership capabilities, or an employee who demonstrates potential for future leadership roles, coaching can help build the necessary skills and behaviour for success.

Executive Coaching

We offer a range of executive coaching programs to meet your company’s requirements. Our programs equip leaders at all levels of the organization with the skills and behaviors required for optimal performance.

Our coaches assist executives in existing roles develop and sustain strong performance levels in their contribution to the company. And, in situations where executives are in new roles we assist them develop their initial approach, secure early wins, connect with and gain the trust of their new team, personally align with the new culture, build critical relationships, message appropriately, negotiate expectations with their new manager, and connect with their peers.

Benefits of Executive Coaching

  • Supports the organization's leadership development strategies.
  • Aligns your leadership team's behaviour with organizational goals.
  • Sustains development of leadership effectiveness and business results.

Emerging Leader Coaching

Our coaches work with Emerging Leaders to help them become more emotionally intelligent and develop leadership capabilities. Through the use of our assessments and specialized techniques our clients are able to identify professional blindspots and other barriers to career advancement.

Clients are provided the opportunity to create a career development plan. And, we equip them with the skills to improve their interpersonal competencies, reduce the chances of career derailment, and prepare for roles of greater scope and complexity within their organizations.

Benefits of Emerging Leader Coaching

  • Builds up the confidence level of your high-potential employee.
  • Provides strong performers with support to develop non-technical or soft skills to position them for leadership roles within your company.
  • Increases engagement and retention of your top talent.

Career Transition Coaching

Whether you are recently retired and would like to continue to work but you are unsure what to do, an individual seeking a new position, or an employer who needs assistance transitioning employees to the next phase of their career, Canadian HR Solutions can help. We offer face-to-face coaching as well as the option of telephone coaching, nationwide.

Helping individuals navigate career transitions in a respectful and supportive environment is what distinguishes us in this service area. There is no one-size-fits-all test to determine your career future. Because of this we design a customized coaching program to address each client’s career management goals. Contact us today.