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We inspire teams, re-ignite their passion, and help them develop expertise in key areas of their work so that your company can outperform the competition.

Employee Development Workshops

Presentation Skills

Wasted time, unproductive meetings, and lost opportunities occur due to poor presentations. The lack of powerful methods to inform and persuade is one of the greatest hidden and pervasive costs of the 21st century workplace.

This session will help participants consistently deliver highly successful presentations. They will learn the skills to better inform, influence, and persuade others in today's knowledge-based world.

Team Building

Improve team communication and performance. Inspire people to work better together to drive organizational success. Our assessments and workshops help team members understand themselves and each other in order to improve relationships. For comprehensive group training, the MBTI Teambuilding Program offers a variety of tools and activities that we can customize for your organization's needs.

Communication Skills

Our workshops help your team communicate better by giving each team member a deeper level of self-awareness as well as understanding of others. Participants will gain the skills with which to strengthen their communication content and style. This workshop is a great investment for increasing the effectiveness of communication in any organization.

Career Exploration and Management

Many aspects of choosing and managing a career are related to an individual's personality type. This workshop explores preferred work tasks and work environments - as well as the most and least popular occupations for each attendee's personality type - and it offers strategies for improving job satisfaction. We include interactive exercises to explore personality type and career matching. This session ends with goal setting and decision making.

For educational institution clients we often add a Job Search Skills workshop to this service for graduating classes, if requested.

Conflict Management and Resolution Workshop

Conflict adds unneeded stress in the workplace and negatively impacts morale. Our workshops help participants constructively resolve conflict between colleagues, putting the focus back on being productive. Skilfully managed, discord can become a catalyst to personal, professional, and organizational growth. Not only is overt conflict costly and immediately harmful it is insidious. Latent conflict can, in time, corrode the very core of your organization's functional effectiveness.

This workshop provides a program that will help your employees improve their conflict resolution skills and use it to forge productivity and company growth. Our program focuses on resolution of conflict with preventative and proactive techniques that are holistic in design.

By investing in this workshop yours will be a better workplace with more engaged employees and loyal customers.

Collaboration and Client Service

Regardless of the level or position of your employees, they have to work with and for other people in order to get things done. Whether it's their boss, peers, or direct reports, people sometimes react emotionally and prioritize their own agendas instead of focusing on what is in the team's, and ultimately, your company's best interest. This course is a solution that you can use to help your employees turn around challenging workplace dynamics and learn how to collaborate with their colleagues at all levels. It provides concrete tactics and proven techniques for improving business relationships and helping your people deliver improved service to internal and external clients.

Time Management

If you're doing more and enjoying it less, it's time to get out of the time-trap and back to productivity! An inability to manage time will result in you not accomplishing what you need to in order to be successful in work and life. This workshop offers strategies and tactics to help employees at all levels gain control over deliverables and take charge of their professional life by effectively prioritizing and managing interruptions.

Influencing Others at Work

Getting anything done in the business world, whether convincing someone to make a hiring decision, fund a project, or sign a proposal, requires the ability to influence others. In this seminar, participants focus on key sources of influence that can be leveraged for success in the workplace. This workshop is rich with skill-building exercises that help participants strengthen their ability to influence others. The core focus is on learning how to build deep, meaningful, and significant workplace relationships that engender trust, connection, and therefore influence.

Leadership Development Workshops

Coaching for Excellence

Leaders learn to develop and apply a set of core coaching skills and process to accelerate team performance in accomplishing organizational objectives.

This coaching process creates an environment of trust that supports the development and goals of their teams.

Leadership Edge

One of the most important elements of any organization's success is the quality of its leadership. In previous decades, an organization could rely on a small number of leaders to insure its success. Today, all organizations - public, private, and non-profit - live in a much more complex and competitive environment. To be successful in today's environment, an organization must develop leadership at all levels.

This program has been designed to bring out the best in existing and emerging leaders.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotionally intelligent managers and supervisors are your company's greatest assets. Often, the place to begin Emotional Intelligence training is with managers and supervisors. They solve problems, resolve conflict, and build teamwork. On the other hand, managers and supervisors with low levels of Emotional Intelligence sabotage their own efforts to build teamwork. These managers fail to tune into the emotions of their employees, and in their efforts to solve problems and improve productivity, they tend to alienate the members of their teams.

Whether you are interested in a one-time workshop or an ongoing program including coaching, we can provide the right program for your team. Start raising the collective Emotional Intelligence of your team today.

Dealing with Difficult People

Do you know how to work with difficult people? How many of these personalities do you recognize?

  • The Know-It-Alls
    They're arrogant and usually have an opinion on every issue. When they're wrong, they get defensive.
  • The Passives
    These people never offer ideas or let you know where they stand.
  • The Dictators
    They bully and intimidate. They're constantly demanding and brutally critical.
  • The Gripers
    Is anything ever right with them? They prefer complaining to finding solutions.
  • The "Yes" People
    They agree to any commitment, yet rarely deliver. You can't trust them to follow through.
  • The "No" People
    They are quick to point out why something won't work. Worse, they're inflexible.

We're guessing you recognize them. They're the people you work with, sell to, depend on, and live with. Learn to deal with them quickly and confidently by attending this workshop.

Crucial Conversations

Crucial Conversations is a course that teaches skills for creating alignment and agreement by fostering open dialogue around high-stakes, emotional, or risky topics, at all levels of your organization. By learning how to speak and be heard (and encouraging others to do the same), you'll begin to surface the best ideas and make high-quality decisions.

Engage in extensive in-class practice, group participation, and personal reflection as you explore and master these crucial skills.

Strengthen Your Team

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